NCL Exterior
Acrylic Primer

Opt for the right foundation that provides good adhesion

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NCL Dazylite

Premium grade semi glossy pure acrylic based exterior emulsion that's specially formulated to dazzle your exteriors. Good surface protection and durable.

NCL Alltimate

For ultra-smooth finish here's a very special acrylic paint.Providing fungal/algae protection.

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NCL Harmony

Celebrate your love for colors with this exterior emulsion paint for smooth exteriors, long lasting finish and good UV protection.

  • Usage of structural steel can be reduced as NCL AAC Blocks are light weight

NCL Optima

Specially formulated exterior emulsion that's economically priced for a smooth finish and is water resistant

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prod Image

NCL Top Coat

An exterior paint available in natural colours with good bonding and surface protection.

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